Our Business Consulting Services


Our core expertise is in providing Program delivery, whether that be from start-up, in flight or where realignment is required. We have undertaken roles providing initiation only with significant governance mechanisms put in place across 10 organisations in a partnership, to leading significant organisational transition programs.


There are times when organisations simply do not have the capacity to respond quickly or need to bolster capacity within the organisation. We are available to provide advisory services for a wide range of requirements including Strategic planning, responding to emerging urgent issues, undertaking market scans and significant procurement.


When investing significantly an organisation needs assurance that the Program is on track to deliver the outcomes that were originally identified, or at least provide assurance there are benefits to be gained. Similarly, each project or component part needs a health check, often at key points or gates. Forus can provide a variety of services in this area including health-checks, board assurance, gate or checkpoint reviews, schedule, risk profile and alignment.



As part of our Business Consulting Services some of our clients have requested mentoring services for their team in place. We have experience in putting together packages that assist employees to learn key skills whether that be in managing projects or specific aspects such as schedule management.